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Towing Mira Mesa

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If your vehicle stops moving, let us move it for you. Towing Mira Mesa quickly gets your vehicle unstuck and somewhere safe. Call (858) 905-5767 any time, any day for fast, friendly and affordable professional towing services.

Not All

Towing Companies

Are Equal

Specific tow vehicles are needed for each type of towing situation as well as the type of vehicle being towed. Many vehicles cannot be towed with two wheels left on the ground without damaging their drivetrains. Some vehicles are too big for standard flatbed towing. Our towing experts rapidly respond to you with the right vehicle for the job. We have the tow trucks and extra equipment needed to safely and quickly get your vehicle to a repair center or your driveway.



When you need towed, you are likely stuck on the side of the road or another location not only worried about your vehicle but maybe your own safety as well. Traffic may be flying by, or you may be stranded in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. Our goal is to respond to your towing need as rapidly as possible to get you and your vehicle to a safe location.

Friendly Towing Experts

Our towing experts are fully trained and friendly. The last thing you need when you are stranded in your vehicle is a grumpy,
untrained tow truck driver. We will help you make the best of your situation by taking care of you and your vehicle in a safe, courte-
ous and friendly way.


Towing Equipment

It cannot be emphasized enough that you need the right tow truck to respond to safely tow your vehicle. Improper towing could result in further damage to vehicles. There are hundreds of different types of vehicles with different specifications for emergency towing procedures. You want to employ the services of a towing company that not only has the right towing equipment for your specific vehicle, but also dispatches the right tow truck to the scene the first time.


Towing Service

When your vehicle breaks down, you want a tow truck to quickly arrive no matter what day it is or what time it is. We offer around-the-clock towing services every day of the year. We are here to provide expert towing no matter if it is rush hour on a Monday, or Christmas or New Year's Day. Call us first, and we will be there fast!

Towing Mira Mesa is your expert towing company to call whenever your vehicle fails to get you where you are going. We are located in San Diego and rapidly respond to all towing needs in Mira Mesa. We are here to tow your vehicle that is disabled due to accident or mechanical failure. We also quickly respond to install a spare tire or provide a battery boost to get you back on the road and moving again.