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Car Lockout Blues:

How to Deal With and Prevent one

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The car's locking system is there to keep people, belongings, and the vehicle safe. That does not mean that a mistake cannot be made. People do forget their keys inside the vehicle more often than not. This does not mean that you should break into the car, or use some DIY idea that might compromise the locking system.

What you want is a company that has the know-how and can get to you quickly to give you a hand. Towing Mira Mesa is knowledgeable and is located in San Diego, though we proudly serve some of the surrounding areas like Mira Mesa.

Why Do People

Forget Their Keys, Anyway?

It may not seem like something that could happen to you, but it might. The following are common reasons why some people forget their keys in the car:

Kids can be quite distracting, so it makes sense that they have been known to cause the driver to forget their keys

Talking on the phone or using the cellphone before getting keys

Being late to school, work, or any other event

Just keep these things in mind to help prevent a car lockout.

Tips to Avoid a

Car Lock Out

We are dedicated to your safety and satisfaction. Our team of highly qualified and certified tow technicians work quickly and efficiently to pinpoint and resolve your problems, treating you like part of our family. They will keep you updated with times and estimates so you can rest assured that you know what’s going on every step of the way.

Always carry a spare with you, just in case

Hide a spare in a conspicuous location under the car using a spare key box magnet

Use a retractable key holder, key band, or even key collar so that you get used to carrying it

Some of these are mere suggestions, though there are a number of other things that you can do to make sure that you do not get stuck in the middle of nowhere without access to your car.

What to Do Should Your Keys

Get Stuck in the Car?

You can give us a call so that we can get to where ever you are as soon as possible. You can stay near your car while you wait, or go to a well-lit location if the location is dark or you feel unsafe. Do not worry, because our specialist will call you when they arrive to the location.

The process to get into your car is simple enough for an experienced tow truck specialist, and it will not compromise the vehicle's locking mechanism at all. Every step will be explained to you so that you know what is going on and how long it might take.

One thing that makes our Mira Mesa company different from the rest is the flat rate lockout service we offer those with a lockout problem. Some companies take advantage of a vulnerable customer who is just trying to get into their car, which is something that does not fly with the good people at Towing Mira Mesa. There is more that makes our company worth your trust, just as long as you give us a chance to help in your time of need.